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Rather than quote every job individually, we have developed a simple pricing structure to approximate a design fee equaling 2-3% of the vessel cost.

Monohull Ferry/Workboat : USD $5000 per metre.

Catamaran Ferry/Workboat : USD $5500 per metre.

Landing Barge : USD $1200 per metre

eg. 35m monohull crew boat : 35 x $5000 = USD $175,000.

Price includes general arrangements, safety plans, hull and deck construction drawings, shaft line drawings, rudder installation, deck equipment, system schematics, lifesaving arrangements, stability book, nested CNC cutting files, materials list and is paid in progress installments.

Our Payment Schedule is as follows :

20% Deposit to start the preliminary design.  This includes developing the General Arrangement drawing, detailed weight estimate, preliminary stability checks, powering and speed estimates.  At this point you have a complete over view of the design and may elect to continue with the design or cancel the contract without any further obligation.  This allows you to conduct feasibility studies without committing to the full cost of design.  We will unconditionally refund 25% of the monies paid if you decide to cancel at this stage for any reason.  If you decide to proceed the next step is.

20% Payment to progress to completing the drawings required for class approval, then

40% Payment to progress to detailed structural drawings and cutting files, then

10% Payment for completion of the balance of the drawings.

10% Payment at launch and completion of the final stability book.

Price excludes interior fitout detail, pipe spools, electrical design/drawings, air conditioning design/drawings, survey costs, travel.  Australian yards will need to add GST.

Add 10% for HSC 2000 Compliance.

Time required to complete is 5 to 8 months depending on size and complexity, however drawings can be released in stages to get your construction started as soon as possible.

Multiple Builds : If you wish to build more than 1 boat, the design royalty for each subsequent boat is only 20% of the initial design fee.


We prefer that you buy your own materials from your local suppliers because it allows you to start construction without the delay of materials shipping.  We simply give you a materials list and the cutting files and you can deal direct with your own materials suppliers.  However if you would prefer that we supply the materials then we can do so through our local suppliers in Perth Western Australia.  Our fee for this is simply cost plus 15%.


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